How to Apply for a Homestead Exemption

To apply for a Homestead Exemption, you must submit the following to the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD):

  1. A copy of your valid Texas Driver’s License showing the homestead address.
    This requirement may be waived if you are:

    1. a resident of a facility that provides services related to health, infirmity, or aging; or
    2. certified for participation in the address confidentiality program administered by the AG.
  2. The license must bear the same address as the property for which the homestead exemption is requested (homestead address) unless you are:
    1. active duty military or their spouse, showing proof of military ID and a utility bill.
    2. a federal or state judge, their spouse or a peace officer whose address information has been omitted from your driver’s license. You must provide a copy of your application for the driver’s license.
  3. If you do not have a driver’s license, you may submit a copy of a state issued personal ID showing the homestead address.
    1. A completed Homestead Exemption Application showing the homestead address.
    2. Proof of disability, for those who are applying for an exemption due to disability.
  4. Specific question about exemptions, values or name and address changes should be directed to HCAD at: 713-957-7800 or online at

Homestead exemption applications are due this year on April 10th.

If you would life professional help with setting up your homestead exemption, you can reach one of our realtors at 281-265-0000!


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