Real Estate Know How: With a Personal Touch

When it came to giving home buyers and sellers in Sugar Land and throughout the Houston area the ultimate experience, Michael Day didn’t want his wife having all the fun to herself. As the story goes, Michael, then a successful executive and business owner, used to accompany Linda to her open houses as her support team. At first, he’d sit quietly and mind his own business. But it didn’t take long for him to see what he was missing out on.

“I was just her security. But I’d watch what was going on, she’d tell me what was happening, and I’d offer input on certain things,” he said. “I thought it was fascinating, and it became clear to me that I wanted to do it, too. So I jumped right in.”

He added, “The training at KW Southwest was fabulous. It’s a big reason why we’re still doing this all these years later.”

Over the past nine years, Michael has established himself as a successful, knowledgeable, and sought-after realtor at KW Southwest — all the while creating a dynamic husband-wife duo to give clients the personal touch they’ve been looking for. Together or separate, the Days handle any real estate need, whether you’re buying your first home, relocating from another state, or you’re interested in downsizing.

A large part of that success is because of his unrivaled knowledge. Having spent 25 years in the Houston area, Michael knows each neighborhood like the back of his hand. As a father of two grown boys, he speaks with first-hand experience about the value of nearby schools, sports teams, churches, civic organizations, entertainment venues, and dining and commuting options.

“We’ve found that groove working together,” Linda added. “We have become area experts in places all over Houston.”

Michael agreed, adding that being client-focused has led to one of their best years in 2021.

“We get a lot of business done together that might have slipped through the cracks had we tried to do it alone,” he said. “A lot of our success has come from referrals and repeat business, too. For example, we’d do a good job for the husband and wife 10 years ago, and now we’re helping their children. People come back a second and third time because we take care of them. And that feels really good; it means a lot to us.”

Having a realtor in your corner is invaluable in today’s market. And clearly, you don’t have to look far to find the right one.

by Steve Gamel

Featuring: Linda Day

KWSW Agent

Featuring: Michael Day

KWSW Agent


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