Weather-related closures: How Fort Bend ISD makes the call

How Does FBISD Decide When Weather-Related Closures Should Take Place

There are six pertinent facts surrounding the decision of whether Fort Bend ISD will close schools due to inclement weather. They are:

1. The district monitors the weather with the support of TranStar, the county offices of emergency management, and other sources.

2. Staff does its best to make the decision the day before the potentially disruptive event, but Mother Nature is unpredictable. This means the call to close is often made late; sometimes decision-makers are waiting to see if a front will clear.

3. If the decision has to be made the day of, area superintendents have a conference call at 4:30 a.m., realizing that each district affects the other.

4. Once the conference call is over, the Fort Bend superintendent confers with the district’s chief of police and transportation staff to make the call. Then the communication goes out to all parents and affected parties.

5. Closing is sometimes necessary even in cases of good weather. This could be due to flooding, power outages, traffic issues, or damage to the school. Also, teachers and staff may not be able to reach the school.

6. The superintendent uses the utmost of caution in making these decisions because schools have to make up any lost days. That said, safety is always the top priority.


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