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Transaction Coordination

Our Compliance Only Service is now complimentary to agents of the three market centers. It includes reviewing the documents before submitting the folder. This service ensures that all your transaction documents meet compliance standards. Our free services cover MLS listing, including scheduling with Good Karrot, uploading photos, and adding captions for each best room photo. Additionally, the free services are Listing and Contract Compliance, as well as Tenant and Landlord lease compliance. Please read below to learn about the services.
  • Scheduling photos with Good Karrot (if you want to use another company, you have to schedule your photo shoot by yourself).
  • Uploading the listing on MLS with photo descriptions to best photo of each room.
  • Listing compliance. If the TC finds that a document is missing, they will fill it out and send it for signatures.
  • Contract compliance once executed contract is received.
  • Requesting CDA.
The free services do not include:
  • Drafting your listing agreement documents.
  • Communicating with the title company or any third parties.

  • Contract compliance. If the TC finds that a document is missing, they can fill it out and send it for signatures.
  • Requesting CDA.
The free services do not include:
  • Drafting your buyer representation documents or your offers.
  • Communicating with the title company or any third parties (including not requesting earnest money and option fee receipt).

  • Compliance.
  • The TC will fill out missing documents and send it for signatures.
  • Requesting CDA.
The free services do not include:
  • Sending applications.
  • Drafting lease agreement documents.
  • Communicating with third parties.

The TC will be communicating with you (the agent) and your client to facilitate document completion when necessary.

You can get in touch with the TC via


We provide the below marketing services for all agents. Send your request here:

Listing Agent Marketing


Elevate your property listings with our specialized marketing services designed to maximize visibility and attract potential buyers. Here’s how we support you:

Social Media Flyers: We create digital flyers optimized for social media platforms. These flyers are perfect for posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Office-Ready Digital Flyers: We provide professional, print-ready 8.5×11 digital flyers that include property details, property photos, and your headshot with contact information. 

Reels: We produce a Reel using property photos to showcase your listings. These videos are shareable across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Shorts, providing a way to attract potential buyers.

Landing Pages: We create dedicated landing pages for each of your listings, complete with lead capture forms. All leads are directed straight to you. These pages feature your headshot, property photos, a detailed description of the property, your bio, and contact information. Explore our demo:

Targeted Email Campaigns: Starting April 1st, 2024, we initiate targeted email campaigns for each of your listings, reaching out to 200 homes in the neighborhood. This service is aimed at enhancing the visibility of both your listings and your profile as an agent. Each campaign will showcase your listing flyer and include a link to your dedicated landing page.

Buyer Agent Marketing


Social Media Flyers: Personalized digital flyers for social media engagement, these flyers highlight your services and the neighborhoods you specialize in. Ideal for Instagram and Facebook, each flyer includes your contact information and headshot.

8.5×11 Digital Flyers: Professional, print-ready flyers that emphasize your services and the neighborhoods you cover. Perfect for office display or distribution, each flyer features your contact information and headshot.

New Agent Marketing


Social Media Introduction Flyer: A custom digital flyer to introduce you on social media. Features your photo, contact info, and a brief intro. Perfect for Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media Caption: A catchy caption to accompany your flyer post, crafted to highlight your enthusiasm and invite engagement.

8.5×11 Print Flyer: A professional flyer for office display or handouts, mirroring the digital version’s content for brand consistency.

Monthly Content


Content Every Month: Every month we will provide agent branded content that you can post on social media, send out in your newsletter, or print at the office.


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