Safety Tips For Home Buyers And Sellers During The Pandemic (video)

KW Southwest agent, Linda Day, shares safety tips for home buyers and sellers during this coronavirus pandemic.

Here are suggestions for home buyers
• Travel in your own vehicle, meeting the agent at the property.
• Wash your hands before you leave to go to look at any house. Use hand
sanitizer before entering a home.
• Only bring the most necessary family members to view the house – hopefully, no more than two people.
• Wear gloves and booties if at all possible. Do not touch anything in the house.
• Tour the house with your agent, using social distancing, perhaps one at a time,
while the other party waits in the car.
• After exiting the property, use hand sanitizer again to clean your hands.

Here are suggestions to prepare your home for showings:
• Wipe down all the surfaces in your home with disinfectant. This includes the cabinets, counters, light switches, faucets, and door handles (especially the front door).
• Turn on all of the lights, open all interior doors.
• Leave hand sanitizer and booties for guests to use.
• Take some disinfectant with you. When all of the visitors leave your house, use the disinfectant to wipe down the lockbox and front door handles before you go back inside.
• Repeat the process you used before the visitors arrived. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds


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