It’s Not About The Market, It’s About What You Do – Nimesh Dave (Video)

You must be more rigorous and resolute in your lead generation than ever before and more so than anyone else. In fact, now is the time to shift your lead generation activities into the highest gear possible. SHIFT p. 49

You don’t get to decide what the market will do, but you definitely get to decide what you will do! SHIFT p. 272

No matter what the condition of the market, there will always be more than enough sales for you to personally reach your goals. Gary Keller

When the market changes, you don’t slow down, you ramp it up! SHIFT p. 81

Keller Williams Southwest continues to be the leader in real estate services in Fort Bend and surrounding counties since 1991. We operate on the premise that if a company focuses all its resources on its agents and building their business, the agents, in turn, will build the company beyond all expectations.



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