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Ivey and Ryan Jacops's Story

Ivey and Ryan met Cathy Stubbs, a Keller Williams Southwest agent, at an open house. “We moved down here from South Carolina for Ryan’s work,” explains Ivey. “We were down looking at homes when we met Cathy. Afterward, we talked to her on the phone. This was our seventh home as well as our fourth relocation. I’m also a real estate consultant, and I’ve trained and coached more than 500 agents…so I know a lot about buying homes. Cathy possesses the necessary market knowledge and was able to educate us about this area. Relocating is hard. In the past, we would rent first to get a better idea of the area we were moving to. But this time, we have an 11-year-old and two dogs. We wanted to move one time.”

“Cathy helped us make a decision from 1000 miles away,” continues Ivey. “We had limited time on our house hunting trip, and delayed flights made for even less time. Cathy isn’t just a door opener. She helps you think things through to make the best decision. We first saw this house a week or two before we came down. We really liked it over FaceTime. About the same time, another house came on the market that was similar to our house in South Carolina. It distracted me. Cathy helped me think through both houses over FaceTime. When we finally made it down here, the first house was under contract. When we visited the other, we realized it needed a lot of work. My first thought was, ‘I can take on a project!’ But that was not going to work. I needed a house that was move-in ready. Then another home a few houses down from the first home came on the market. We liked it, and we liked that neighborhood a lot. Cathy liked it too, but still said she wished the first home wasn’t under contract…that it was still the perfect fit.”

By the time Ivey and Ryan got to the airport, they learned the buyers had walked away from the first home. “We rushed and put in an offer from the airport!” says Ivey.

With the perfect home secured, Cathy hooked Ivey and Ryan up with a fantastic builder to renovate two bathrooms and redo the floors throughout the house. Ivey says, “Cathy helped manage him and that whole process. This was a huge load off our plate as we were moving, and a huge value-add provided by Cathy!”

“We are so thankful for Cathy’s expertise,” continues Ivey. “This house really is perfect for us. I’m still on Zillow receiving updates. No other house has come on the market that fits our needs anymore than this one. It’s the perfect location and neighborhood for us. Cathy’s market knowledge, vendor recommendations, and expertise in negotiations make her a standout. We just love our new home!”

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